the Ideas Box

Discover a portable media center, unique in its kind, and learn about how you can support the program or acquire your own Ideas Box!

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Humanitarian situations

A unique device, the Ideas Box enables access to information, education and culture for populations emerging from humanitarian crisis situations. 

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Vulnerable Populations

The Ideas Box is a great tool for vulnerable populations with little or no access to culture everywhere, including in developed countries.

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Education & creativity

A powerful tool for reinforcing education and stimulating creativity among students in and out of school, the Ideas Box has been selected by the WISE accelerator.

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Twenty Ideas Box for peace in Colombia

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and French President François Hollande launch the "mobile libraries for peace." Crédit : Efraín Herrera – SIG Librarie...

Why we decided to keep working in Moria camp in Lesbos despite recent controversy

After the March 20th agreement between the European Union and Turkey, the majority of the large humanitarian organizations withdrew from the Moria Camp in Les...

Walter: Refugee, Computer Engineer…and Ideas Box Facilitator!

  Last March, when we arrived at the Eleonas refugee camp in Athens with the Ideas Box, one man got involved in the maintenance and use of the portable ...

The Ideas Box is a WISE Awards finalist for 2016!

On May 4th, the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) announced this year's finalists for the WISE Awards. Fifteen innovating projects offering concret...

« I’m in Germany ! »

Ali is 12 years old. He has already crossed ten countries and had more difficulties than any European traveler would have to face. He crossed these countries ...

A ferry on the way to Lesbos

What is a crisis? Is it when daily life is marked by abnormal situations in which absurdity and violence take place and change our lives? A crisis and its man...

In Eleonas, the adults are the ones seizing coloured pencils and felt pens

Since Macedonia closed its borders with Greece last Sunday, and following the intensification of European border control policies, hundreds of refugees have f...

Every blog starts with a first post, a first page to write...

Early in 2016, Libraries Without Borders started the Ideas Box, a large-scale program in Europe, along the route of refugees. In this context, we invite you t...

The Ideas Box now in Detroit!

On Monday, November 30th, Libraries Without Borders and officials of the Detroit Mayor's Office and the Detroit Public Library network officially launched a p...

The Ideas Box launched in Taverny and Argenteuil!

For its third experimental programming phase in Ile-de-France, from November to December the Ideas Box will be installed at the Welcome and Orientation Center...

Michelle Obama visits the Ideas Box!

One year after its official selection at the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE), the Ideas Box along with Libraries Without Borders was in...

The Ideas Box at the Centre Pompidou in Paris!

Tuesday November 3rd, 2015, Libraries Without Borders participated in the launch of Social Good Week, a French organization intended to find ways to use the I...

Funding and community workshop at the Ideas Box in Burundi

This week, from October 26th to October 30th, a funding and community building workshop was held at the Ideas Box in Burundi. This scaling up working brought ...

Damas, Tanzanian refugee and Ideas Box facilitator

Damas NTAKIRUTIMANA is a 28 year old Tanzanian refugee who lives in the Musenyi integrated rural village in Burundi. After obtaining his humanities diploma...

Calais: First French City to have an Ideas Box!

On Friday October 9th, Patrick Kanner, the Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports, Natacha Bouchart, the mayor of Calais, and Patrick Weil, President of Libra...

Libraries Without Borders in France has been selected as one of the winners of the Google Impact Challenge!

  Yesterday, Libraries Without Borders in France won the Google Impact Challenge after a night full of surprises at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. ...

The Ideas Box and LWB invited to the European Parliament

From September 28th to 30th, 2015, Libraries Without Borders was invited by deputy Sylvie Guillaume, Vice President of the European Parliament, to the seat of...

The Ideas Box mobilises designers!

The Ideas Box mobilises designers! On Wednesday, September 16th, 23 design and industry professionals got together for the Scale Up workshop for Rationalis...

The Ideas Box around the world

The Ideas Box enables access to a large number of contents with different roles depending on the needs of its users. Indeed, there are the contents that we find in classic paper books, e-books and DVDs. However, it should be noted that the Ideas Box server also contains interesting videos on art, music, sport, environment, geopolitics, and many other topics.

Furthermore, the Khan Academy educational application, which allows exchanging and solving math problems, is also available in the Ideas Box. This application has been used individually and collectively, as well as with school groups.

Many activities for classes using Khan Academy, including personalized math support sessions for students were organized in collaboration with teachers.

Users are particularly interested in Khan Academy due to its entertaining learning methodology which differs from that of a traditional classroom setting. This is new for a refugee camp and it allows users to study by watching videos in a stress-free environment. A class of sixth graders attending a geometry lesson was very impressed and interested in the videos, especially by the way in which they explain how to solve problems easily. One of the teachers accompanying them said that Khan Academy is “…a very easy method to learn math, allowing students to grasp the concepts quickly by watching videos and listening to the instructions, despite the fact that in general, students hate math.”

KA IDB 1 Therefore, the Khan Academy proves an excellent tool for learning math and makes it easy to solve math problems.

In addition to being able to learn in groups, Khan Academy has also allowed Ideas Box users to learn and practice on their own. In fact, the young students using the Box show a particular interest for this application specialized in learning math. This can be demonstrated by the high demand of access to the Khan Academy in the Box, especially during vacation time. While on break, students used the Ideas Box to review their classes. At this time, some of the students registered to use the application to study and do the exercises regularly. The school and the Ideas Box work together, with the latter providing considerable educational support. It is in this context that Khan Academy will be employed regularly and permanently in view of becoming a fixture among the educational methods available to students and teachers who also use the Ideas Box. As a result, they will have the means to go further into the classes and solve problems via the educational videos of Khan Academy.

Two middle school students living in the camps and who are regular users of the Ideas Box tell us relevant Khan Academy is as a support tool for their classes. Alexis Kiruhura, an 8th grader and Mobutu, a 9th grader, confirm that “this application helps us solve problems that we did not have the time to finish in class. We are very interested in this educational application because it goes hand in hand with algebra, geometry and other lessons that we study in class. Some of the equipment that we use to access Khan Academy, such as tablets, is new to us, so it motivates us even more to learn and review our math class.”

Access to Khan Academy through tablets is motivating for young as well as other refugees these tools are new and attractive. This encourages the young to learn and solve problems. As a result, small groups have been organized among the young people in Musasa camp to hold Q&A sessions and workshops around Khan Academy and its use.

We can conclude that Khan Academy is not only allowing users to learn and improve their math skills, but that the Box also encourages exchange and allows sharing educational video contents that can render studying easier.



Coordinator of the Ideas Box Project