Ideas Box Facilitator Training in Bwagiriza

The Ideas Box for the Bwagiriza camp in Burundi will be deployed in late July 2014.

It will join the first two Ideas Box that were sent to Burundi in February.

Ideas Box facilitators will receive on-site training for two weeks in order to appropriately administer the content and tools available in the Ideas Box.

The team of facilitators is composed of Liliane (Ideas Box director), Paulin (digital facilitator), Joel (culture facilitator), Aline (host), Bruno (literacy and education director) and Alexis (librarian).

The first week of training was devoted to learning theoretical principles useful for understanding the operation of the kit (cultural facilitation, electronics, etc.). This training also included an introduction to the different modules and tools available as well as exploring and experimenting with all the content in the Ideas Box.

The second week consisted of creative workshops and implementing facilitation to put into practice what was discussed during the first week, as well as evaluating the facilitators' competence.

Lecture d'un kamishibai    Création d'une animation

To conclude the training, the facilitators practiced setting up the Ideas Box to get a feel for how to properly use the kit modules.

The next step is setting up the Ideas Box in Bwagiriza camp.