A Slam Poet in the Kavumu Refugee Camp of Burundi

Writing is a daily, universal activity that should be accessible for everyone everywhere.

SIf Ideas Box can provide access to resources and quality content, it can also help promote creativity in refugee populations. Thus the Ideas Box allowed Doum's, a slam poet, to create and lay out his creations in the Kavumu refugee camp in Burundi.

Along with being a camp facilitator for the International Rescue Committee, Doum's also writes slam poetry. With his pen, the Congolese refugee expresses his joys and sorrows. He describes his difficult past, his present situation, but also his hope in life and faith in the future. Below is an excerpt from one of his poems:

  " Such is Life "

 Life is full of smiles and tears
Of happiness and disappointment that paint our faces with sorrow or joy
From these bits of lies that rot our languages
And these loves that ravage our hearts despite our ages.

Asleep or awake, life takes us
It scatters us, commands us, and lets us out its door
Satisfied or unhappy, memories are kept
Our failures and successes
Are its faithful friends!

Life is not easy
So it must be created
It is often full of mystery; hold on, take courage
It's offered to the submissive, the outcasts, and the sly
Euphoria comes after the bitterness
Go out and try your luck.

 It's especially not convenient
You come across laughter and crying
Memories that cause distress; but there are others that relieve
There is pain and hatred that will make you believe in coincidence
And lively stories that express hope!

 Often life haunts us and we submit to the adversity
It covers our failures, scars, and wounds
This is where we discover its true meaning, its true rhythm, and real fashion
When it docks us to the bottom of the ladder
And distress triumphs over our hopes!

 It always comes from somewhere
Those who impress you have a history
They sweat, they grieve, and today you venerate them
Your neighbor is an example; he advances, he has proven you
When you want you can aim
When we look we can find!

 Life is without a formula
Anyone who dared to have failed
They are hitting their hurtles, objections, confusions
The weak are sorted, they fall disarmed
But the valiant press forward
And march through the storms!

 The different horizons are a star
No matter what you come across
Look closely, there is a breakthrough
Destiny does not take it, you're an artist of your fate
After failure takes you in its hand

 And redraws your future!!