Poetry Workshop and Galileo Park: South Bronx Ideas Box Is Busy as Ever

The Ideas Box in the South Bronx, New York City, gets more and more exciting every week, with new activities and projects rolling in all the time. The kids are having a great time, we're having a great time, everyone is having a great time making the best of the resources the Ideas Box provides!

This past week, Libraries Without Borders (LWB) brought in local spoken word poet Kelsey to be our very own teahing artist as we launch our poetry workshop at the Ideas Box. All the kids and adults are excited about writing poetry with Kelsey's help. The theme of the workshop so far has been: Ode to the Bronx. 

People of all ages have stopped by to write lines of poetry on their experiences living in the Bronx of New York City. Kelsey has turned this into an exciting process, integrating her experience doing spoken word into her workshop. Her lessons are very interactive. One example is an improvisational theater game that she uses to get kids inspired for writing what they feel. One kid does an action, such as brushing hair, but says they are doing something else, such as walking a dog, and the next person in the circle does the stated action, in this case walking a dog. This continues around in a circle, and the kids have had a blast playing games like these. As a teacher, Kelsey sets the tone at the Ideas Box and makes sure the atmosphere is conducive to learning and cooperation. She is truly amazing.


The LWB team also spent part of this week opening the Bronx Ideas Box in Galileo Park, a popular park just down the street from Hayden Lord Park, where the Ideas Box has been set up most days the past few weeks. This was part of our outreach work to make sure the resources provided by the Box reach as many people as possible. We had just as much popularity and positive feedback at Galileo Park, if not more, compared with our reception at Hayden Lord Park. In addition to this trial in a different location, Davidson Community Center has been bringing large groups of kids, around 34, to the Ideas Box on various days, and this has expanded the numbers of visitors we get. The more the merrier!

Please support our Indiegogo campaign by sharing and donating to help us raise $60,000 by September 12th so that the Ideas Box can stay in the Bronx. We also welcome you to join us at Hayden Lord Park anytime this summer to use the Ideas Box resources and meet the LWB team. If you are interested in volunteering on site, please contact our volunteer coordinator Chris Lindblom (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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