Bronx Ideas Box's Film Workshop Is a Huge Success


 This past week, from July 28th to 31st, the Ideas Box held a film workshop led by documentary filmmakers Vlad and Sam along with their friend Jessie. While filming footage for their own documentary on Libraries Without Borders (LWB) and the Ideas Box, the team generously spent their time working with kids in the afternoons to teach them all about editing video, film vocabulary, doing interviews, and much more. The kids even got a chance to try out their skills in and around the park, and they absolutely loved it!

The workshop was set up so that the kids would actually make a documentary as a group in the four days the workshops ran. On the first day of the film workshops, Vlad, Sam, Jessie, and all the kids that wanted to participate in the workshop sat in a big circle (pictured above) and talked about the topics they wanted to discuss. Jessie at first suggested that they make a documentary on cafeteria food in schools, but after more deliberation and discussion, the children latched onto another topic: bullying.


With the topic decided, the kids started opening up about their own experiences being bullied in school and watching their friends get bullied. All their stories seemed to carry one message: "Together we want to stop bullying", and that immediately became the theme of their film. The LWB staff and workshop leaders were all pleasantly surprised by how enthusiastic and open the kids were about having a discussion on bullying, a topic that many people find hard to talk about. When LWB intern Madeline Ochi asked for his thoughts, one nine-year-old child named Dasani said, "We should be nice to each other; it doesn't matter how you look... You can really hurt somebody's feelings... You can hit somebody and say that you're playing, but you still hit them." Ochi also noted that the workshop had kids of all ages engaged, and she noted that it is "good to have older kids set the tone [and] make other kids comfortable about speaking up."

Over the course of the next few days, the kids delved deeper into the topic, talking about cyberbullying and approaches to stop bullying. They also learned how to conduct interviews on the street and even conducted a few interviews about bullying with people walking around the park. Later, Vlad, Sam, and Jessie also taught the kids how to edit their footage and helped them put everything together into a three and half minute short film.

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