Celebrating the International French Language Day with Ideas Box Burundi

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March 20th marked the celebration of the International day of the French Language. In Burundi, the partners and beneficiaries of the Ideas Box in Musenyi mobilized themselves and organized events within the Ideas Box, a unique place for accessing information and culture. Workshops were held throughout the day for the students in local schools as well as for young persons who have completed their studies.

For small children, a workshop was organized for creating songs in French. The children were then challenged to pronounce, understand, and memorize by both writing and speaking 10 French words put in the spotlight for the celebration: amalgame, bravo, cibler, grigri, inuit, kermesse, kitsch, sérendipité, wiki, zénitude.

The older children enjoyed a presentation on Francophone history and a dictation which were mixed with singing workshops, poems, and dances that they prepared.

These user-friendly activities in the Ideas Box helped attract participants. A competition was organized to reward the best texts and performances from each workshop. The jury, made up of 3 Ideas Box animators, a French teacher, and a school principal, are the only people who know the winners. The results and prizes will be handed out at the next event.